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The Circle is Related to The Divine - Naturally Dyed ~ Dusty Rose

$55.00 / Sold Out

* Limited edition of 6 naturally dyed t-shirts *
Hand-dyed with avocado stones and skins to create a dusty rose/ peachy colour.

Each t-shirt was soaked in its own dye bath, resulting in unique pieces. Please note there are variations in colour and tonality. As they are freshly dyed and screen printed they have an earthy scent that will go when washed. Each t-shirt is special in its own way and expresses its handmade quality.

Dedicated to Bruno Munari.

AUD: $55 + shipping
USD: $40 + shipping
(tracking available upon request)

Printed on AS Colour Classic Tee
Relaxed fit, heavy weight, 220 GSM

SIZE CHART ~ W x H ~ cm
S: 47 x 70
M: 52 x 74

Please reach out if you have any questions!